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Technical Support

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Testing Solutions
Test Platform
Semi-Future Technology has established an IGBT chip and device testing and analysis platform, and invested more than RMB 10 million in the introduction of imported equipment and instruments in Phase I. It has been recognized as the "IGBT Public Technology Platform" in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone. The main equipment includes chip automatic sample making equipment, high magnification optical microscope, scanning electron microscope, wafer probe stage, power device curve tracer, power device dynamic tester, etc., covering a series of items testing, including chip microstructure, chip/wafer static electrical parameters, device static and dynamic parameters, and insulation voltage, and can carry out the whole processes of device failure analysis and reverse analysis.
  • High magnification metallurgical microscope
    supports up to 1000X super depth of field optical microscopic observation.
  • Scanning electron microscope
    available to 300,000 times magnification observation, with integrated energy spectrometer design, ap
  • Wafer probe stage
    Taiko process-specific probe stage supports testing of 8-inch wafer products as thin as 60um.
  • Power device curve tracer
    Comprehensive characterization of dynamic parameters of IGBT devices helps to screen out dynamic def
  • Power device dynamic tester
    comprehensive characterization of static electrical parameters of high-power devices,
    and the ab
  • High-precision double-pulse test platform
    accurate measurement of product dynamic and short-circuit parameters,
    which can meet the require
Test Platforms
Semi-Future Technology has established and continuously expanded its IGBT device application test platform. With the team's independent development and investment of over 5 million RMB, it has developed a series of test platforms for different users and application scenarios, such as universal aging test platform (including power cycle test platform and high temperature reverse bias platform, etc.), 80KW inverter grid-connected and reactive power test platform, inverter overload test platform, induction heating application test platform, etc. All these things aim to guarantee the use and optimization of devices in end customers and pursue excellence in product performance and reliability.
  • Grid-connected and reactive power test platform
    to simulate grid-connected or off-grid equipment working conditions
    and test the working adaptab
  • inverter overload test platform
    to conduct inverter no-load test, frequency regulation, temperature rise test, load test, overload t
  • Welding machine application test platform
    to conduct overcurrent, overload experiments, continuous operation
    and other tests on devices to
  • Power cycling and thermal resistance test platform
    to test device thermal resistance parameters
    and verify device power cycling capability.
  • HTRB, HTGB test platforms
    to test high temperature forward/reverse bias service life
    and reliability of devices